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With over 91 years of service to the fishing  tackle industry, J.M.Gillies Agencies continues to offer the highest quality, innovative and most sought after lure brands in Australia today and we are still proud to be 100% Australian owned.

Bomber Freshwater range of lures

Bomber Saltwater range of  lures

Bluewater range of saltwater lures

Classic range of hard body lures

Killalure range of hard body lures

Warlock range of hard body lures

StumpJumper range of hard body lures

Tasmanian Devil range of lures

YUM range of soft plastic lures

Asari range of hard lures

Arbogast range of hard surface lures

Booyah range of spinnerbait style lures

Gillies range of Saltwater lures

Gillies range of freshwater lures